#ngConf 2016 – Highlights

I would like to show you my highlights from ngConf 2016.


Angular 2’s Fresh Approach to Style – Justin Schwartzenberger

Angular 2 Universal Patterns – Jeffrey Whelpey, Patrick Stapleton

Routing – Misko Hevery

Testing all your Tasks – Julie Ralph

Angular Material: Titanium Octopus – Kara Erickson, Jeremy Elbourn (really funny)

Sharing Code Between Web and Native Apps – Jen Looper, TJ VanToll (fancy!)

Progressive Web Apps – Jeff Cross, Alex Rickabaugh

Animations – Matias Niemela

Reactive Programming, changing the world at Netflix, Microsoft, Slack and beyond!-Matthew Podwysocki

Reactive Angular2 with ngRx – Rob Womald

Learn Clingon – Mike Brocchi